The Home of the Copa del Cafe is the Costa Rica Country Club. The majestic grounds of the club are located in the town of Escazu, west of the capital San Jose.

Costa Rica has become a major tourist destination. There are many beautiful and interesting places in Costa Rica, all within a relatively small country area of 60,000 square km. There are two major “seasons”: wet and dry. The wet or green season is from May to December in the Central Plateau and the Pacific coast; the dry season is from January to April. But Caribbean lowland regions may have rain year round save for October.

Night matches Monday through Saturday will be televised live from the Costa Rica Country Club Stadium Court. Telecasts by Teletica Canal 7 will begin at 5:30PM. For people watching from other countries you can tune in to our live TV streaming of night play by clicking here.

We thank our corporate sponsors who have supported the Copa del Café over the years and continue to make our tournament possible. For 2016, our 52nd edition, we are proud to be associated with the following companies:

Costa Rica Cuntry Club ITF Juniors Tennis Federacion Costarricense de Tennis Sponsors:
Coca-Cola Mercado de Valores Banco Credomatic cafe 1820 Supermercado Mas X Menos Costa Rica
Periodico La Nacion Teletica Deportes Teletica 959 Costa Rica calzado casual, sport y semivestir Motores Britanicos Costa Rica IMC
Official Product Providers:
Agua Alpina Gatorade Penn Tennis Balls United Airlines