Perfect tennis weather again welcomed players and fans on Day 3 of the Copa del Café 2017 as 32 matches were played in the 3rd round of Boys and Girls singles and 2nd round of doubles. The reduced number of matches was an agreeable respite from the hectic 64 match pace of Days 1 and 2.

In Boys singles play Sangeet SRIDHAR of USA continues to shine, dispatching the tough Jaimee ANGELE of France in 3 sets and occupying the only unseeded slot in the quarterfinals. SRIDHAR goes for his shots and has done very well, and will certainly improve considerably his ranking of 198. He is a player to watch. The remaining 7 players in the singles draw are all seeded.

In the top half no. 5 seed Oliver CRAWFORD of USA fought back in a tough 3 setter against a hard serving no. 11 Olukayode AYENI (USA) in night play. No. 3 seed Trent BRYDE (USA) also had his hands full with unseeded Nick HARDT (DOM) taking another difficult 3 setter 6-3, 3-6, 6-2. The talented Frenchman Constantin BITTOUN KOUZMIN, back for his third Copa and seeded 8, took down Danny THOMAS (USA) in 2 sets to occupy the 4th slot into the quarterfinals.

In the bottom half of the draw no. 10 seed Patrick KYPSON (USA) wore down the tough no. 7 Argentine Juan Martin JALIF in a baseline battle of laser forehands and took the match 6-3, 6-1 in night play at Stadium Court. The last 3 winners into the quarterfinals were no. 4 seed Vasil KIRKOV (USA), no. 12 seed Sebastian KORDA of USA (son of the great ATP Czech player Peter Korda who won Australia in 1998), and no. 2 seed Sam RIFFICE of USA, who all turned away unseeded players. RIFFICE prevailed over Axel GELLER of Argentina in a close 7-5, 7-6(7) thriller.

The 8 Girls singles matches continued with surprises in the top half of the draw as 13th seed Daniella VUKOVIC of Serbia ousted top seed Ellie DOUGLAS of USA in 2 sets 7-5, 6-3. VUKOVIC played well while DOUGLAS could not get her A game in gear. Sixth seed Hurricane BLACK of USA ousted unseeded Clara BUREL of France, and unseeded players Salma EWING (USA) and Imani GRAHAM (USA) took the other 2 slots in the top half of the draw with tough 3 set matches dispatching the scrappy Victoria FLORES and Rut GALINDO of USA and Guatemala respectively.

The bottom half of the Girls draw was true to form as all seeded players took the 4 slots over lesser ranked opponents. The 4 winners in this part of the draw were: Nicole MOSSMER (USA), Sofia SEWING (USA), Victoria EMMA (USA), and Emily APPLETON (GBR). The first 3 of these matches went down in 2 sets while world no. 20 APPLETON won in 3 over the game Lea MA of USA.

In second round doubles play 6 seeded Boys pairs march into the third round quarterfinals, including the top 4 seeds. Seven of these matches went 2 sets yet play was intense and a fan´s delight. In the Girls doubles draw 5 of 8 winners are seeded including the top 3. The unseeded winners are all in the top half of the draw, similar to the Girls singles draw. Only three of these matches were lopsided and 4 went to 3 sets.

Replays: 3rd Round Singles

*NOTE: duplicate videos will start at the start at different points of the brodcast.
Copa Café 04 enero 2017 Tarde (231) por TD_Mas
Copa Café 04 enero 2017 Noche (233) por TD_Mas
Copa Café 04 enero 2017 Noche (233) por TD_Mas

Replays: 2nd Round Doubles

Copa Café 04 enero 2017 Tarde (231) por TD_Mas
Copa Café 04 enero 2017 Noche (232) por TD_Mas

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