In the Boys semifinal round top seed Shintaro MOCHIZUKI of Japan bested Blu BAKER of Britain in a tough 3 set match by 3-6, 6-3, 6-2, the first time the top seed dropped a set during the tournament. BAKER was strong and had a great tournament but MOCHIZUKI´s go to net strategy and all court play overcame the weary Brit, seeded no. 4.

In the other Boys semifinal, the hard serving and hard hitting Martin DAMM of USA, son of former ATP Czech star of the same name, outhit Alex MARTINEZ of Spain, winning by 6-4, 6-4. MARTINEZ has family in Costa Rica and was a crowd favorite but could not keep up with DAMM although the Spaniard is 2 years older. In the second round DAMM displaced the no. 2 seed MALAN of South Africa to hold the last slot in the draw and now meets the top slot Japanese player in the final. Both players year of birth is 2003.

Judge for yourself who has overcome the biggest hurdle, and who will be the favorite. MOCHIZUKI is extremely agile, goes to net often, has a terrific overhead and a great return of serve. DAMM has a very strong serve and hits hard and precise groundstrokes, wearing down competitors.

MOCHIZUKI´s road to the final has been:             
round                 player                   country                 ranking               seed                       
1                        CASSONE             USA                      248                    no                  
2                        HECK                     USA                      202                    no                  
3                        DALE                      USA                     147                    14                
QF                     PARK                      KOR                     126                    11        
SF                     BAKER                    GBR                      97                      4

DAMM´s path has been:             
round                 player                 country                   ranking               seed                 
1                       VINAS                    ARG                      531                    no                 
2                       MALAN                  RSA                         87                      2                  
3                       BERNARD             USA                      190                     no                
QF                    LEE                        USA                      124                     10           
SF                    MARTINEZ            ESP                       215                    no 

In Girls semifinal play unseeded Canadian Melodie COLLARD continued to be the revelation of the tournament, outlasting the very capable no. 14 seed Charlotte OWENSBY of USA in a tough 3 set match 6-1, 6-7, 7-5. Melodie has delighted the crowd with her all court play, frequently going to net, volleying, and defending lobs with her strong overhead. But it was a nail biter to the end as OWENSBY fought hard to the end.

The other Girls semifinal went to unseeded Abigail FORBES of USA ranked 418 over her practice mate Gabriella PRICE (USA), ranked 38 and seeded 2. PRICE seems to have the more classic strokes and breezed through the tournament without losing a set until the SF, yet FORBES, a very capable player who will play for UCLA in the fall, perhaps had a slight advantage in greater body size and 2 more years of experience, born in 2001 vs 2003 for PRICE.

COLLARD plays all court and displays more daring match tactics but FORBES is a tough experienced player who perhaps can better handle the pressure and defend on court. Both players are unseeded and ranked in the 400´s (COLLARD = 441, FORBES = 418). Judge for yourself who has overcome the biggest hurdle to get to the final, and who will be the favorite.

COLLARD´s road to the final has been:             
round                 player                   country                 ranking              seed 
1                       NOEL                      USA                         15                       1                  
2                       PLAZAS                  COL                       264                     no                  
3                       KARNER                 AUT                       382                     no                
QF                    GARCIA GROSS    USA                       708                     no                
SF                     OWENSBY             USA                       150                     14

FORBES´ path has been:             
round                 player                  country                 ranking               seed 

 1                      CHAVARRIA           CRC                       990                     no
 2                      CCUNO                  PER                         99                       7                 
 3                      INOUE                    USA                       140                      12                
QF                    DEFALCO               USA                       184                      10               
SF                     PRICE                     USA                        38                        2

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