To visit Costa Rica you may need a consular visa. To verify visa requirements for specific countries, go to the Costa Rican Government official list link at the end of this paragraph. About the middle of the page click on the PDF file for the official list. Please note that countries in the first two groups do not need a visa, whereas countries in the third and fourth groups do need a visa. Please Click Here.

If you need a visa, you may check for the nearest Costa Rican consulate at: Click on Embajadas y Oficinas Consulares de Costa Rica at about the middle of the home page on the left and use the alphabetic listing.

Please also remember that the dates for our tournament are near important holidays and that Costa Rican consulates may be closed on certain December dates.

Key Dates & Player Info

Key upcoming dates concerning the 2019 Copa include the following:

Registration Deadline:
25 December 2018
Start of Qualy:
12 January 2019
Start of Main Draw:
14 January 2019
Hotel Reservations:
Players and coaches should makeTheir own hotel reservations at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Player Entry / Acceptance List

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Boys 18U List
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Girls 18U List
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